*Personalized* hand drawn dunno flipbook

*Personalized* hand drawn dunno flipbook

$ 20.00

One of a kind, hand drawn book with various dunnoisms, approximately 80-100 pages. Consider it artisanal or "art-tease-zine-al." The book is kind of an absurdist anti-flipbook since the movement is minimal. dunno doesn't move around much but his mind wanders endlessly.

Mini ball-point pen and attached pen holder included! Upcycle this book and mark it up, add to it, make notes, tear pages out, go wild! Cover art will vary. All books signed and dated. 3.5"x4.5"

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The first page of the book includes a blank area for personalization by dunnoisms or the purchaser. Specify the name if it is a gift and is going to someone other than the name on the shipping address.

to:            from: dunno

Quick video peak of a sample.