dunno is a post-existential ghost with a lot on his mind. The name 'dunno' refers to the fact that he is dead or done and to the phrase 'don't know'. 'Dunnoisms' are his thoughts and wonders and are usually a play on words in some way. They might consist of twisting idioms, pensive puns, quippy epigrams, neologisms, shifting word associations, ambiguous aphorisms or pithy apothegms. Generally, dunnoisms are open to interpretation.
The 'dunno public' project began in 2014 by drawing dunnoisms on sticky notes and leaving them in public and photographing them. Sticky notes are typically associated with small hand written reminders and ghosts are a familiar representation of the afterlife. By incorporating ghost imagery with sticky notes, the project is a possible memento mori and reflection on impermanence by creating chance encounters with a temporary form of enigmatic graffiti. 
Dunnocorp Enterprises is proudly based in Asheville, North Carolina.

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