Dunno's Post-Pandemic Rebirth

dunnoisms asheville nc magnets

New for 2023! 4 new magnets, at a special online discounted price of $16, instead of $5 each. These magnets showcase dunno's affinity for Asheville, North Carolina, the beloved mountain oasis occasionally referred to as Paris of the South, Beer City, Land of the Sky, Cesspool of Sin and probably many other less notable google search results. 

It's no secret that people love Asheville, millions of folks travel here every year to experience its distinctive charms. According to public records, roughly 30,000 tourists a day join the 93,000+ citizens that make up the local population. Past, present and future visitors can pick up the vibes here without even laying down roots. 

Sentiments amongst locals, natives and transplants run deep in Asheville, some of which are touched upon in this new collection. 

‘I dunno AVL’ was previously only available as a 3” square clear sticker, but due to popular demand has joined the dunnoisms magnet family. This one is inspired by the classic and instantly recognizable ‘I ❤️ NY’ logo designed by graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1976 to promote tourism in the state of New York. Dunno wants to do the same for Asheville, need we say more? The more you get to know Asheville, the more you realize how much you didn’t know about it and that there’s always more to discover. That’s the beauty of a place that has so much to offer. You can peel back the layers and go deeper. 

'land beyond the bland' is an apt description of Asheville, NC. The culture in Asheville often represents an escape from the mundane and demonstrates alternative lifestyles that many people don't find elsewhere. A haven for free expression and radical individuality situated at a higher altitude than many cities, Asheville is in fact a place that often strives to rise above the banal or typical generic Anywhere, USA. It's a place to take a vacation from everyday monotony or maybe even pitch a tent and stay awhile. 

‘be here noun.’ is an affectionate nod to the hippie-dippy-ness that Asheville has long been associated with. Asheville is a destination where folks can come to find themselves, lose themselves, take up temporary, secondary or permanent residence as well as join and form all sorts of diverse communities. Be Here Now, or Remember, Be Here Now, is a 1971 book on spirituality, yoga, and meditation by the American yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass. Dunnoisms regularly incorporate puns, since they are so relatable, even with dated references not everyone recognizes. It’s like hugging your old friend that used to have hair past their butt (Asheville) and now spends weekends off in a van with their kids for recreation (also Asheville). 

‘Pre-she-ate-chew’ In The South, we like to give thanks and we have certain expressions that could be referred to as southernisms. A quick favor or simple act of kindness is often followed by the verbal response, “Appreciate You.” The phrase is so common that hearing it out loud time after time, the words run together so fast that it can sound like “Presheeightchu.” Pre-she-ate-chew evokes another quintessential Asheville attribute, its big ol’ heart. The people of Asheville embrace core values like empathy, compassion, positivity, solidarity, equality, and inclusion. Hopefully, this dunnoism is not a stretch for people to grasp its message of gratitiude

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